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True Yoga Success Stories


Rich R Yogi Review

As you know I am 69 years old and have been practicing Bikram Yoga with you for three years now. I have worked hard and enjoyed it very much. However, I still cannot touch my forehead to my knee in the separate leg posture. I have even been frustrated by that at times. But I’m writing to you today to let everyone know that I can balance on one leg, pick up the other and dry my foot after taking a shower. I can also bend down to dry my feet without throwing out my back or falling over, if I want to do it that way. I can also work on a step ladder with both arms above my head without losing my balance.


As we get older we want to continue to do as many things as we could when we were younger. Your classes and my dedication have allowed me to do that while enjoying the good will and fine company of all your students. Thank you for all you do to help all of us feel young and stay healthy!



After coming to True Yoga for one year I've lost over 30 lbs, my mood and posture have greatly improved. I fee better and can move more efficiently. The strength in my legs is tremendous. Improving my balance and muscle tone has positively impacted my life. I'm transforming my life at 66 years old - thank you True Yoga

Jessica C.


 I wanted to  tell you a little bit about myself and how much adding yoga into my routine has changed my life in such a short period of time.  I have been relentlessly for the last 5 years or more been trying to get into Law Enforcement. 


It's been a long road and I've had a lot of disappointment.  Things were looking up for me back in October I had a few departments I was scheduled to take PT tests which consist of sit ups push ups and a mile and a half run.  The sit ups and push ups have never been a problem because I regularly go to a boot camp gym which prepares me for those parts of the test.  I have never enjoyed running, as a child I had exercise induced asthma so I never made running a part of my routine.  When I did run I felt awkward and I couldn't breathe and everything hurt.  I never felt like a could get full breath.  And you know what happens when the muscles don't get enough oxygen.  All of this made it dreadful for me to run. I started trying to run more and I started to get better, than 3 days before one of my tests I sprained my ankle while running at night.  It was bad I believe I popped it out of the socket.  So i wore a brace for about 6 weeks, when I took it off I had no motion at all in my foot and it was still very painful and swelled a lot.  I went months with out working out eating terrible and getting depressed because I saw my dream of being a cop slipping away.  I tried physical therapy but that wasn't for me.  I got back to the gym slowly but still couldn't run without pain. 


I decided to try yoga to see if that would help with the healing process. After just a few classes with you the swelling went down tremendously, my ankle mobility is better than it has ever been, and i went for my first run last night with no pain at all.  Another thing that I had trouble with I had mentioned earlier was my breathing, I felt amazing every single breath up till the very last one after 2.6 miles I could feel my lungs fill completely, I was breathing in and out of my nose with no laboring.  And My body felt different like I had more energy and very fluid.  I seriously was thinking who's body is this. I have not ran in probably 2 months and I had the best run of my life last night. 


I knew yoga was good for you, but I didn't realize how much it would change my body.  I am in the hiring process with Aberdeen Proving Ground Department of Defense Police Department and I have never felt more confident in myself and my body that I will have no problem blowing this test out of the water.  I wanted to share this with you and say thank you.  You have changed my life.



Patty has maintained her regular yoga practice at True Yoga through out the summer. Recently at her routine doctors well visit she learned she has lost 12 lbs and gained 1 cm in height! She is happy to report she has gained balance in all areas of her life. Way to go Patty!

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